Blue Pottery

One of the famous traditional crafts of Rajasthan is Jaipur blue pottery. This craft is known as blue pottery due to the cobalt blue coloured dye used for colouring the pottery.
The craft has a Turko-Persian origin and makes use of the blue, green, and white colour palette. Cobalt-oxide is responsible for the blue colour and copper oxide for the green hue. Sometimes pops of non-conventional colours like brown and yellow are even included in the craft.
Sakshi International is one of the renowned Jaipur blue pottery manufacturers.

Key Characteristics of Blue Pottery

  • The craft is semi-transparent
  • Some of the pieces of blue pottery bear animal and bird motifs
  • The blue pottery craftwork can be seen coasters, vases, ashtrays, trinket boxes, and small bowls.
  • Green, blue and white is the colour palette chosen for the blue pottery of Jaipur.
  • The delicate blue pottery artwork exhibits patterns of the vintage of the Royal, Mughal, and Victoria era and displays the hues of dusk, day, dawn, and blue.
  • The artwork is done the Egyptian paste as well as dough that are procured by blending of the quartz powder, fuller’s earth, gum, borax, powdered glass, and water.

Procedure for Making Blue Pottery

The process of making blue pottery is a time consuming and a difficult one. Once an artisan makes the blue pottery piece, it is not possible to redo it again, and thereby artisans take a lot of care and precaution while making it. The clay in the blue pottery comprises of green glass, fuller’s earth, borax, and sodium bicarbonate.

The clay is pressed and flattened into the open moulds, and the craftsman makes the bottom and top parts on the potter’s wheel. Once the pieces dry up, the craftsmen join them together for making the product. Salt paper is used to give finishing, than white coat is done on these pieces.

The products are then hand painted with oxide colours and dipped into clear glaze before they are fired in wooden kilns. The glaze used to coat these hand painted pieces is made by us in our factory. In the last step, the glazed products are heated very carefully and skillfully in kiln which runs at a temperature of 1200oC. On melting, the graze is removed and design appears into its true colors.

Why Choose Sakshi International Pvt Ltd. for Buying Blue Pottery?

  • We offer a wide range of blue pottery artwork in varied patterns, shapes, and hues.
  • We are skilled Jaipur blue pottery manufacturers who exhibit incredible artistry in Jaipur’s blue pottery
  • Our artisans have the creativity of offering innovative designs while retaining the ethnicity in the concepts.
  • We have state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver blue pottery craft of unparalleled quality.
  • Our attractive and unique packaging ensures no damage to the pottery craftwork during the transit.
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Which Items Make Use of Blue Pottery?

The decoration and shapes showcased in blue pottery have a resemblance to Islamic pottery. It is a craft technique where the hue of the final product may not be the same as that of the desired outcome. It is craftwork where a minor mistake could cause the cracking up of the blue pottery or its turning into black.

The cumbersome procedure is one of the key reasons because of which artisans refuse to experiment and make new products. The various products which make use of the blue pottery craftwork are bathroom sets, ashtrays, beer mugs, boxes, bowls, etc. The craft requires a lot of expertise and patience, and a minor mistake can lead to the product turning black.

Candle stands, animal figures, coasters, earthen lamps, cylinders, incense holders, egg holders, and much more. The craftsman does a brilliant job of making the blue pottery in jugs, jars, lamps, knobs, jewellery, paper napkin holders, matkas, plates, pots, paperweights, platters, trays, tiles, vases, etc.

Buy Various Products From Jaipur Blue Pottery Manufacturers

A fusion of Blue Pottery with Wrought Iron: The amazing blue pottery artwork can be seen in multiple wrought iron items such as candle stands, cloth hangers, iron hooks, key hangers, and photo frames. The in-house artisans of Sakshi International Pvt. Ltd has the required technical finesse to deliver top-grade quality wrought iron items and wooden drawers that exhibit the blue pottery artwork of Jaipur.

Blue Pottery items category:

1. Alphabets
2. Animal Figures
3. Ashtrays
4. Bathroom Sets
5. Beads
6. Beer Mugs
7. Bowls
8. Boxes
9. Candle Stands
10. Coasters
11. Coffee Mugs
12. Cylinders
13. Diyas
14. Egg Holders
15. Incense Hoders

16. Jars
17. Jugs
18. Jwellery
19. Knobs
20. Lamps
21. Matkas
22. Napkin Paper Holders
23. Paper Weights
24. Plates
25. Planters
26. Pots
27. Tiles
28. Trays
29. Vases

Fusion with Wrought Iron

1. Cloth Hangers
2. Candle Stands
3. Iron Hooks
4. Photo Frames
5. Key Hangers

Fusion with Wood

1. Wooden Drawers