Hand Block
Printed Quilts

The hand block printed quilts are usually made by stitching the piles of cotton together using Kantha stitch method. Indian duvets or quilts are usually handmade. These are not only a mark of excellent craftsmanship but also of history that needs to be preserved. Designing these quilts is a skilled task that shows a perfect blend of experience, conventional values, and scrutiny.

The quilts can be used for both decorative and warming purposes. Quilts are generally used alone, usually with one sheet, but they can be layered for decorative purposes as well. These can be lightweight or thick. We offer a variety of lightweight quilts which are filled with surgical cotton pads. These products can be used in any season, whether it’s summer or winter.

The products are made with soft cotton fabric, which is voile in nature and opulent to cuddle with. Cotton quilts of different colours and sizes are available. Our Hand blocked cotton quilts are best known for its classic designs and prints. The price of these products is very reasonable. Washing these products is very easy as they are very light in weight.


  • Ours provide 100% cotton product. The surgical cotton pads that are used as filler is of superior quality.
  • Complicated and detailed hand block prints in several designs
  • These are extremely lightweight, bright, and appealing.
  • These products are washable both by hands and in the machine
  • The size and quality of these products are reliable