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    India has always been a pioneer in ancient cultures and crafts, and the most interesting part of it – is the creative art paintings. Art of painting is being carrying forward from generations to generations and one can explore this art by attending the hand block printing workshop in Jaipur. Hand block printing is one of the most attractive way of art in which on a piece a wood varied kinds of design patterns are created and then with the use of colours the designs are imprint on different textiles and fabrics.
    So, if you are fascinated to get hand block printed fabric in Jaipur, then owe it from Sakshi International Pvt. Ltd – who are the leading best hand block print manufacturer in Jaipur; offering great value for money to many customers.
    The process of Hand Block printing is an ancient tradition dating back to 2000 BC. Block printing process can range from a simple, single-color print to complex, multiple color prints. However more than seven colors is more complex print process. Each color is printed from a separate wooden block carved to print that specific pattern. A hand block printed cloth reflects the touch of the human hand and simultaneously the sensibility and skill of the artist craftsman.

    We manufacture and export supreme range of Hand-Block Printed Textiles that includes Bedding collection like Hand Block Printed Bed Covers with Pillows, Hand Block Printed Bed Spreads, Hand Block Printed Duvet Covers, Hand Block Printed Cotton Quilts, Hand Block Printed Cushion Covers and all kinds of home furnishing items to meet the demands and expectations of our esteemed clients by keeping in mind their needs and preferences. Our products, being creative and qualitative, meets exact requirement of a client. The material on which the Hand Block Printing is done is very superior in quality and is procured from certified vendor base. Beautiful designing and intricate patterns on our Hand Block Printed Products is widely acclaimed by the customers.

    We provide our valued Buyers, a wide range of Hand Block Printing Services that is known for its reliability. With the help of our highly experienced Artisans, we are able to offer these services to our valuable buyers according to their requirements. Also our team members are highly experts in helping the buyers choose a particular printing process which would best suit their products. The entire Hand Block Printing process is carried out under the stringent eyes of our expert quality members, who make sure that no loopholes occur at any stage.

    International quality standards and norms are adhered to diligently, so that the consumers are provided with only the best. All the printing processes are carried out within the given time periods, and are competently priced to make them affordable for one and all. We ensure color fastness due to the optimum quality dyes used in our printing processes. Further, these services are available at market leading prices.


    The fabric to be printed is washed free of starch and soft bleached if the natural gray of the fabric is not desired. If dyeing is required as in the case of saris where borders or the body is tied and dyed it is done before printing. The fabric is again washed to remove excess dye and dried thoroughly. The fabric is stretched over the printing table and fastened with small pins. This is an important stage as there should be a uniform tension in the fabric and no ripples.Color is mixed separately in another room.

    Color is kept in a tray on a wheeled wooden trolley with racks which the printer drags along as he works. On the lower shelves printing blocks are kept ready.The tray of color rests on another tray which contains a thick viscous liquid made from the pigment binder and glue. This gives the color tray a soft base which helps to spread color evenly on the wooden block. Blocks are made of seasoned teak wood by trained craftsmen. The underside of the block has the design hand carved on it by the block maker. Each block has a wooden handle and two to three cylindrical holes drilled into the block for free air passage and also to allow release of excess printing paste. The new blocks are soaked in oil for 10-15 days to soften the grains in the timber.The printing starts form left to right. The color is evened out in the tray with a wedge of wood and the block dipped into the outline color.

    When the block is applied to the fabric, it is slammed hard with the fist on the back of the handle so that a good impression may register. A point on the block serves as a guide for the repeat impression, so that the whole effect is continuous and not disjoined. The outline printer is usually an expert because he is the one who leads the process. If it is a multiple color design the second printer dips his block in color again using the point or guide for a perfect registration to fill in the color.

    The third color if required follows likewise. Skill is necessary for good printing since the colors need to dovetail into the design to make it a composite whole. The fabric, after pigment printing is dried out in the sun. This is part of the fixing process. It is then rolled in wads of newspapers to prevent the dye from adhering to other layers and steamed in boilers constructed for the purpose. Silks are also steamed this way after printing. After steaming, the material is washed thoroughly in large quantities of water and dried in the sun, after which it is finished by ironing out single layers, which fix the color permanently.

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