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  • Code of conduct

    Working conditions: The Company considers safety at workplace an essential value and is committed to provide good physical working conditions and encourages high standards of hygiene and housekeeping.

    Friendly Workplace: The Company seeks to enhance equal opportunities for men and
    women, prevent/stop/redress sexual harassment at the workplace and institute good employment practices.

    No Child Labour: The Company does not accept child labour. No person shall be employed at an age younger than the legal age for employment applicable as per respective law.

    Fair Price Payment: Company ensures fair payment to the artisans and staff where price is calculated by common dialogue and participation keeping in mind market sustainability.

    Social Welfare: The Company contributes actively to the social, cultural and economic development of the country and also supporting the voluntary activities of its employees.

    Environmental protection: The Company respect for the environment and adopts an eco- friendly policy as the resources must be protected, for the benefit of the community and for the future generations.

    Environmental Friendly

    Child labour free


    Social welfare

    Fair trade

    Hand made