Blue Pottery

Blue pottery though Turko-Persian in origin, is widely recognized as a traditional craft of Jaipur. It is a craft where one is never sure if the finished product will have the exact shade that one may have wanted. The smallest mistake could lead to the piece either cracking up or turning black. This tedious process was one of the main reasons why very few people were willing to experiment and try out new products in blue pottery. Not only did it require time and patience but also money.

Being Pioneers in the industry, we have with us an exquisite range of Blue Pottery. Our designers crafted a quality assured range of Blue Pottery which is highly demanded by the clients. This range contains a complete traditional look and is highly available in varied patterns, colors and shapes that can be purchased by the clients as per their liking. At SAKSHI, due care is taken to maintain the traditional heritage of Rajasthan. We here encourage and retain Ethnicity in concepts, designs and creative skills. We have excellent infrastructure and are backed by hundreds of craftsmen.

We can accept orders of your designs and specifications and strive to provide you with on time delivery, of right quality, of any quantity. Our collection is widely acclaimed for its aesthetic design, attractive looks, splendid finishing and uniqueness. Our range is availed in the national as well as international markets at the competitive prices. . Further, we provide items to clients in attractive packaging so as to ensure safe transits & enhance their overall appeal.

We have a selection of over 500 decorative and utility products and nearly 2000 original designs which makes us one of the elite manufacturers of Blue Pottery in all of India. Our website will give you a detailed overview of our products and company, but for the true Blue Pottery experience it is essential that you visit our factory and showroom in Jaipur. Immerse yourself in our colorful world of pottery and embrace the essence of the ancient Blue Pottery craft which will prove us to be unparalleled manufacturers of Blue Pottery. Within our extensive product collection you’ll discover a perfect fusion of quality and style that coincides with your company’s prestigious image.


The process is very tedious and time consuming. Once made, the blue pottery items cannot be reworked. The clay for blue pottery is made of ground quartz, green glass, multani mitti or fuller’s earth(acts as the binding agent for quartz and glass), borax, katira gum and saaji (soda bicarbonate) ; mixed together in a specific proportion. This is flattened and pressed into open moulds, the top and bottom parts of pots are made on a potter’s wheel. Once dry these pieces are joined together to make the final product. Salt paper is used to give finishing, than white coat is done on these pieces.

The products are then hand painted with oxide colours and dipped into clear glaze before they are fired in wooden kilns. The glaze used to coat these hand painted pieces is made by us in our factory. In the last step, the glazed products are heated very carefully and skillfully in kiln which runs at a temperature of 1200oC. On melting, the graze is removed  and design appears into its true colors.

Blue Pottery items category:

1. Alphabets
2. Animal Figures
3. Ashtrays
4. Bathroom Sets
5. Beads
6. Beer Mugs
7. Bowls
8. Boxes
9. Candle Stands
10. Coasters
11. Coffee Mugs
12. Cylinders
13. Diyas
14. Egg Holders
15. Incense Hoders

16. Jars
17. Jugs
18. Jwellery
19. Knobs
20. Lamps
21. Matkas
22. Napkin Paper Holders
23. Paper Weights
24. Plates
25. Planters
26. Pots
27. Tiles
28. Trays
29. Vases

Fusion with Wrought Iron

1. Cloth Hangers
2. Candle Stands
3. Iron Hooks
4. Photo Frames
5. Key Hangers

Fusion with Wood

1. Wooden Drawers